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Get $20 off at Amazon with eligible Citibank credit cards

October 14, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

Amazon shoppers with targeted Citi Thank You credit cards can get $20 off a purchase of $50 or more during Prime Day.

But while it’s great to have discounted products sitting in your Amazon shopping cart, you can actually save even more by simply using your credit card points.

That’s because today only — October 14 — Amazon shoppers with targeted Citi ThankYou credit cards can get $20 off their Amazon purchases of $50 or more when they pay for a portion of their purchase with ThankYou points.

In order to be able to use ThankYou points to pay for your Amazon purchases (and to use this $20 discount if you’re targeted for it), you’ll need to enroll your Citi ThankYou credit card in the Shop With Points program.

You’ll also need to add your Citi credit card as a payment method at Amazon (if you don’t have it as one already) in order to link it to the Shop With Points tool.

Once your Citi ThankYou card is linked to Amazon’s Shop With Points, click on this link to see if you’re eligible for the $20 discount.

However, these promotions appear regularly on Amazon, so make sure you keep your Citi ThankYou card enrolled in Shop With Points so that you can potentially be targeted the next time an offer comes down the road.

In fact, you can apply just 1 point and pay for the rest with your Citi ThankYou card, and you’ll still get the discount on all the eligible items in your cart.

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