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Germantown Woman Who Had Chemical Thrown In Face In Unprovoked Attack Is Now Blind, Family Says

October 14, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

A stranger threw a mixture of dangerous chemicals in a woman's face as she left her Germantown home.

A stranger threw a mixture of dangerous chemicals in a woman’s face as she left her Germantown home.

Police say the unprovoked attack happened last Tuesday in the city’s Germantown section.

Now, the 61-year-old victim’s stepdaughter says her mother cannot see and still has a long road of recovery ahead.

Just after 6 a. m. on Oct. 6, 61-year-old Helen Jones saw a man standing near the end of her sidewalk on Newhall Street in Germantown.

And he asked her, was she good, as if he was asking her about her safety,” stepdaughter Aneesha Summerville said.

“When she looked up to him to respond to him to say yes, he threw a chemical in her face and ran off,” Summerville said.

Summerville says the potent mixture included Draino and it burned through Jones’ skin, blinding her.

“Me and my siblings are hopeful that if we keeping doing what we need to, she’ll be OK, but the doctors have given other suggestions and scenarios that this will probably be permanent, but we’re hoping that for a miracle,” Summerville said.

They say he was wearing a mask.

“Now because everyone is masked, your guard is kind of down and you’re not really thinking, ‘Oh, this person might be out to harm me,'” Summerville said.

Summerville believes the suspect likely has a mental illness since the attack was random and unprovoked.

So it’s really hard to deal with,” Summerville said.

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