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Generous tip left on a bill at a restaurant in Carbon County

January 12, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Patrons of Joey B's in Palmerton left a $1,300 tip behind for staff members.

Patrons of Joey B's in Palmerton left a $1,300 tip behind for staff members.

At Joey B's in Palmerton, workers have experienced the struggles firsthand.

To try and keep 33 people still working here has been very much of a challenge," said Chip Solt, Joey B's owner.

The restaurant happened to be short-staffed over the weekend, and servers were working double time.

The hard work was noticed by a group of customers who left $1,300 for a bill that didn't even cost $100.

Servers tell Newswatch 16, while the money is great, it was the random act of kindness that really gave them a boost during this difficult time.

Then when it happens in a place where you work, it's very heartwarming.

You immediately feel so grateful and so honored to work here with such a great group of girls because honestly, we work our butts off," said server Madison Molchan.

It's a nice boost of morale that our hard work is being noticed," said Solt.

The generous tip was split between staff members who were working Saturday night.

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