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From 'geriatric pregnancy' to '35+ pregnancy:' There's a better way to talk to pregnant people

June 8, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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A new glossary called the Renaming Revolution includes more than 60 new and improved, nonjudgmental medical terms. It's one piece of a broader effort to make conception and pregnancy language less offensive and more humane.

These are all actual, official medical phrases used by doctors to speak to pregnant people as well as those struggling with conception.

While writing the new terms, the panelists often went in two different directions, said contributor Amanda Montell, feminist linguist and author of "Wordslut. " With some phrases, it was better to be more specific.

"We know that infertility and pregnancy loss are often accompanied by deep feelings of inadequacy, shame and guilt, and (the) last thing a patient needs to hear is that she is somehow a failure or part of her body failed her or is incompetent," said Goldman, who was not involved with the Peanut glossary.

While few doctors want to make their patients feel bad, Goldman said that old habits die hard.

Doctors have to be more deliberate about toggling between what they say out loud and what they write on the form, she said.

She said the conversations on Peanut have helped her see just how damaging these phrases can be to women's mental health.

We are talking more about the mental health of women, and that includes talking about this terminology and how it affects our mental health," she said.

The first step is to take the new glossary, or a couple of preferred phrases from the glossary, into a medical provider and explain why you like them better, said Javaid, the OB/GYN.

"It's not too much to ask to have women's point of view honored," she said.

"What makes the glossary so great is that it gives patients and doctors somewhere to start the conversation, a way to meet in the middle and communicate. "

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