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From Flamingos To A Stripper, PSA Competition Finds Creative Ways To Ask Miami To Mask Up

November 17, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

How do you convince Miami to mask-up? Five local filmmakers offered their best ideas through a new competition by Oolite Arts to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – As coronavirus cases continue to soar in South Florida, it’s more important than ever to wear a mask.

But how do you convince Miami to mask up?

Oolite Arts, a local art gallery, had an idea and asked local filmmakers and artists to produce a one minute ‘outside the box’ video on why people should mask up.

It’s a competition that doesn’t mask the truth about the spread of COVID-19.

They call it Masks Up, Miami and the winner gets a cash prize.

One hundred entries have been narrowed down to five local filmmakers who have all produced 1 minute creative PSA’s on why they think you should mask up.

But the five public service ones are at oolitearts. org/masksup,” said Dennis Scholl, CEO and President of Oolite Arts,

“You can see them there and you can vote for your favorite one and the winner is going to get an extra thousand dollars, on top of the money we already gave them to make the films. ”

CBS4’s Lisa Petrillo laughed and told Scholl she was partial to the stripper video.

“I went and saw them all and said I kind of like the stripper,” she said laughing.

“I cannot lie; I think the stripper may be everyone’s favorite.

The funny story about the stripper is there are two versions of it.

There’s one version in which he is wearing pants and another he’s, well never mind,” Scholl said joking.

So it’s very much a great one-minute documentary that reminds everybody of the dangers,” Scholl explained.

“So we’d love for you to go to go online and vote for your favorite PSA, whether it’s Lisa’s favorite stripper or the documentary, or the flamingos.

Miami you choose them,” said Scholl.

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