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Franklin County public defenders question judgment of deputy who attended Capitol riot

January 11, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Farmer says he never reached the Capitol steps and when rioters stormed the building, he said he turned around and left.

The public defenders voiced concerns over the conduct of Deputy Jeff Farmer, a detective who attended the events at the U. S. Capitol last week, writing his conduct conflicts with the values expressed by the Franklin County Sheriff's Department. "What we're saying is that the individuals who went there knowing the president was calling for a disruption to peaceful transition of government," Nathan Goodrich, with the public defender's office, said.

However, the department is reassigning Farmer and the sheriff says a thorough investigation of all accusations made in the letter will be conducted. LEX 18 previously spoke with Farmer about his journey to the Capitol.

As public defenders we support Due Process and support Sheriff Quire’s decision to extend Deputy Farmer the same due process our clients are entitled to.

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