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Former Nashville judge convicted of public misconduct about to get out of prison

April 8, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Former Nashville judge Casey Moreland gets out of federal prison after more than three and a half years in custody.

(WTVF) — Disgraced Nashville judge Casey Moreland gets out of federal prison this weekend. Moreland spent more than three and a half years in prison for what prosecutors called "one of the most shocking cases of misconduct by a public official this district has ever seen. "The former Nashville judge will be released from federal custody on Saturday, April 10. He is already back in Nashville as part of a residential re-entry program. The 64-year-old plans to get a job outside the legal profession and stay out of the public eye according to one of his attorneys. Things began to unravel for Judge Moreland in 2016, as Metro Police investigated the death of a 34 year old woman. Leigh Terry was found with a gunshot wound to her head in her downtown apartment in May of 2016. Police ruled her death a suicide. Interviews as part of that investigation revealed that days before Terry died, she had been on a trip to the Alabama Gulf Coast with Judge Moreland and Defense Attorney Bryan Lewis. Another lawyer and two other women also accompanied them on the trip. Leigh Terry and the other two woman had all appeared in Moreland's court as defendants in the past. A former boyfriend of Terry told police that she discussed sleeping with Judge Moreland to get out of a past DUI. "She told me right then that she had sex with Casey Moreland in the chambers and that's what kept her out of jail.

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