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Forget foldable TVs. Transparent screens are the cool new tech trend

January 12, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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TVs seem to get bigger, slimmer and more connected each year. But now, in 2021, you can also see right through them.

The clip shows a 55-inch OLED display rising from the foot of a bed, looking like a sheet of glass before a movie appears on screen.

While 8k TVs may be the next true big bump in screen resolution, many TV manufacturers use CES as a testing ground to tease new innovations.

Although transparent TVs seem like a cool-but-unnecessary technology, industry experts say they are something we could see more in public spaces soon.

Manufacturers say businesses can use transparent TVs to display information or menus in a creative way; LG even said it can act as a health partition between workers and guests.

And while a sports bar may have many TVs on different channels, an upscale eatery may want displays that look more like moving art.

This may feel out of step at a time when most people are at home during the global pandemic, but display makers spend many years developing technology innovations that can often seem out of sync with market demand, McQuivey said.

"At some point in the distant future, transparent displays will be useful for a variety of applications, certainly commercial displays and perhaps even in limited cases in the home, especially as price points fall and the technology improves," he added.

LG's move to hide a transparent TV in a bed for its promotional video shows how the technology could find a home beyond public places, especially to save space by ascending and descending from the foot board.

"TVs today are usually placed against the wall in the living room -- now it can be placed like a space divider or against a large glass window, which will only look like glass when it is not in use," said Khin Sandi Lynn, an analyst at ABI Research.

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