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For one year, this man is eating only what's grown at Dubai's Sustainable City

January 21, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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For one year, landscape architect Phil Dunn is basing his diet on food grown in his local community, at Dubai's Sustainable City.

For one year, he is basing his diet on food grown in his local community, in an effort to highlight the issues of food sustainability and food waste.

A resident of Dubai's Sustainable City neighborhood, Dunn calls the experiment he began last November "The Sustainable Human Project. " "(It) is a combination between a personal challenge for my 49th birthday and a project exploring food security and urban farming," he tells CNN.

As well as more than 500 houses, the Sustainable City is home to 11 biodome greenhouses, where the community's management grows up to 1 million pots of leafy produce annually, including chives and chicory.

By eating food grown in the community, Dunn wants to avoid the waste associated with commercial production and transportation.

The Sustainable City is testing out new technologies that can help establish a circular economy, including vertical farms -- a way of growing food indoors, without soil and typically using LED lights instead of natural light.

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