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Finnair is selling its airplane food in grocery stores

October 14, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

Finnair is bringing its Business Class food offerings to Finnish supermarkets, aiming to keep kitchen employees in work and bring airplane food to travel-starved Finns.

Assuming that would-be-fliers might be missing fine dining at 30,000 feet, Finnair is bringing a taste of air travel to the ground.

In a new business venture, the Finnish airline has started selling ready-made meals inspired by its Business Class offerings in a grocery store in the city of Vantaa, Finland.

Head to K-Citymarket in Vantaa's Tammisto neighborhood over the coming weeks and you can purchase pre-packaged reindeer meatballs, smoked char and chanterelle risotto and other Finnair meals.

Marika Nieminen, VP of Finnair Kitchen, tells CNN Travel the initiative aims to satiate the appetite of Finns who're missing air travel -- and allow the airline to bring back some of the Finnair Kitchen staff who were laid off when the pandemic hit.

Nieminen says they've been able to rehire roughly 10 employees for the project.

Finnair tested the concept internally first, selling the food to airline staff.

When that proved popular, the airline took the idea to K-Citymarket in Tammisto, Vantaa.

After launching the meals in Vantaa on October 15, Finnair plans to expand to other K-Citymarket stores across Finland, and maybe even beyond.

The airline reckons its specialty food options -- contemporary Nordic offerings infused with a Japanese flair -- could have an international appeal too, although Nieminen caveats it's still early days.

When CNN Travel spoke with Nieminen, only a couple of hours after launch, she said 100 meals had already been snapped up.

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