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Finding magic in mentorship: How one CNN Hero inspired thousands of young women to write their own success stories

May 6, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Thousands of young writers have found their voice with the help of CNN Hero Keren Taylor and her WriteGirl program in Los Angeles.

Keren Taylor, who started WriteGirl, a creative writing and mentoring program for teenagers in Los Angeles, has seen it firsthand.

Many of them are not showing up at school, online," said Taylor, a 2014 CNN Hero.

"It's teens that are at risk of slipping through the cracks," Taylor said of those she helps.

"Our mentors work every week with teen girls online.

And we do a lot of special events and readings, and a whole college program to help all of our girls go to college," Taylor said.

"Many of our girls do struggle with connectivity," Taylor said.

All the girls in WriteGirl receive one-on-one mentoring to work on their writing, speaking skills and academics.

"We are always encouraging our girls to share their own story," Taylor said.

"When we saw her perform at the inauguration, we could see the same things that we really embody at WriteGirl represented in her," Taylor said.

What was really exciting to know was that she represents not only every girl that's ever been in WriteGirl, but she also represents every young woman in this country. "

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