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Father of murdered 6-year-old said ex-wife kept his son away from him

April 7, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Mario Sanchez says he begged his ex-wife to let him see his little boy. The last time they spent time together was just days before the 6-year-old's murder.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The father of a murdered 6-year-old boy said his son appeared in perfect health days before his death.

He wanted the boy and Jason's younger sister in his care. Mario Sanchez said a medical diagnosis and a manipulative ex-wife kept him in the dark about the danger. Sanchez said he loved his son beyond words, dreamed of what he'd grow up to be, and considered him his best friend.

Sanchez said he's seen questions circulating online about his whereabouts in the days and weeks before his son's killing.

He remembered Jason as a happy kid who loved to dance and sing, play with his toy cars and games. He said he did everything in his power to be with his children. The murder of Jason Sanchez-Marks made headlines last week.

The same report said both Jason and his sibling had been receiving medication for tuberculosis. Sanchez said he believes his ex-wife should face the death penalty if convicted. "I'm asking this too.

Jason loved Ashley so much," said Sanchez.

Why didn't she ask for help, for money?"Sanchez said in early 2020 he tested positive for tuberculosis.

Sanchez said the diagnosis led to home isolation orders from the City of Houston Health Department. "I went to the hospital two times," said Sanchez.

They did say part of a patient's treatment could require a person to remain in home isolation until they determine they are no longer infectious. Sanchez said in addition to the order, his ex-wife lied to him about their children's whereabouts and actively prevented him from seeing the kids.

Sanchez said Marks would claim she was sick, out of town, or the children were at a friend's place. "I had all these text messages.

Where's Jason?" said Sanchez.

"I tried to contact her many, many, many times. "Sanchez said eventually he saw his son and daughter at Marks' father's house the Thursday before Jason's murder.

He said after that day he lost all contact with the ex-wife and grandfather until his son's death. Sanchez said neither Marks nor her father ever told him Jason started to fall ill. "All the time I worry for my kids . . .

They're never telling me he's sick," said Sanchez.

In video after video posted to his page, you can see Sanchez interact with his son in a loving fashion. "She needs to pay for everything," said Sanchez . "She needs to pay . . .

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