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Family's home saved for third time against fires

April 5, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Michelle Rice had about 15 minutes to pack before she and her family were forced out of their house on Westberry Court for the third time in 33 years Monday.

Michelle Rice looks down at the remains of a gazebo that was destroyed in the Schroeder Fire at her home in Westberry Trails on Monday in Rapid City.

A wooden cross stays nailed into the ground and intact after surviving the Schroeder Fire at Rice's home in Westberry Trails on Monday in Rapid City.

A tree stands between Rice's home and scorched earth in Westberry Trails on Monday in Rapid City.

“We didn’t go out to a restaurant, we wanted to eat at home because we had a home. ”Rice said this is the third time her house was saved from a fire — it also survived the 1988 Westberry Trails fire that burned down her mother-in-law’s home and the 2012 fire in the same area. Despite the now three times the fire has come close to their house, Rice said her family isn’t leaving. “Maybe this is where we’re supposed to be,” she said.

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