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Families in Northeast Ohio scramble to pivot after pre-paid Easter bunny drops the ball

April 5, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Families in Northeast Ohio were shocked and forced to play the role of the Easter Bunny after they say they paid for a no-show Easter Bunny who failed to deliver and hide the anticipated eggs for children on Easter Sunday.

Fairview, Rocky River, Strongsville,” said Jen Stross, who later organized an egg hunt for families. Police departments in Westlake, Strongsville, Parma, Fairview Park and Broadview Heights received reports from residents who claimed they paid for an Easter egg service and never received anything in return. Parma mom Daisy Rosado paid for eggs to be delivered in her yard between 10 p. m. Saturday night and 6 a. m. Sunday. "I have three little ones, a 9-year-old, a 7-year-old and a 5-year-old.

It gave us something to be excited for and we haven’t had that for a long time. "Rosado filed a police report with Parma police, not because of the lost money, but because of the principle of it all. "It makes me sick to my stomach that people would prey on families like that and on the innocent of kids," she said. Rosado and many others, including Sue Gaukin of Broadview Heights, found an ad posted on local Facebook community pages showing that dozens of people paid for the service with no services received. Gaukin paid $50 for 100 eggs for her 4 grandchildren. "My husband wakes me up and goes, Sue, there are no eggs.

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