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Fact check: No, Biden didn't say that signing lots of executive orders makes you a dictator Fact check: No, Biden didn't say that signing lots of executive orders makes you a dictator

January 29, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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President Joe Biden has signed more than 35 executive orders, actions and memorandums in his first week-and-a-half in the Oval Office. And some of Biden's critics are saying or suggesting that his frequent early use of the presidential pen contradicts a dramatic statement he made on the campaign trail in October.

"Biden signed off on a record number of executive orders during his first week -- but just three months ago, according to Biden himself, that's something only a dictator would do," Fox News host Sean Hannity said on air Tuesday.

Biden signs more executive orders despite claims he once said they were for dictators," read a headline in the conservative Washington Examiner.

Biden explicitly campaigned on signing various executive orders, including those to rescind some of then-President Donald Trump's own executive orders, and he didn't say in October that signing a large number of orders means a president is a dictator.

Rather, after Biden rejected the idea of using an executive order to raise taxes on corporations and wealthy people, he said there are "things you can't do by executive order unless you're a dictator. " In other words, Biden was saying what he had said before and has said since -- that executive orders are unconstitutional for some particular purposes.

But McConnell still went too far when he implied that Biden signing a bunch of executive orders means he contradicted the "dictator" comment in particular.

And, critically, Biden promised during the campaign that he would sign significant executive orders.

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