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Facebook refines its standalone VR headset with cheaper Oculus Quest 2

September 16, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

Facebook announced a new virtual-reality headset that is smaller and cheaper than its predecessor on Wednesday — the company's latest push in a years-long effort to popularize the technology.

Facebook said Quest 2 includes a higher-resolution display than its previous headsets, which should make it easier to use for reading text, watching videos, or playing detail-oriented games in VR.

In addition to headsets, Facebook has spent years refining controllers for VR and pushing content makers to create games and other experiences for it.

Yet while Quest 2 is relatively inexpensive compared to many other VR headsets, and powerful enough to handle complicated VR games, Facebook may need to wait until next year for consumers to shell out for the device.

And though Facebook claims the Quest headset is popular — a spokeswoman said it has been selling as fast as the company can make it, since last holiday season — it won't share sales numbers.

Beyond tweaks to the headset, Facebook said it updated the handheld Touch controllers that come with Quest 2 to make them easier to use and give users more of a sense that their hands are really there with them in virtual games and experiences.

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