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Epic Games and Apple spar over consoles and walled gardens on opening day of trial

May 4, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Epic Games and Apple kicked off their high-profile trial on Monday, beginning a legal battle that is expected to run for at least two weeks and has the potential to change not only the iPhone maker's app ecosystem, but also the broader app economy worth hundreds of billions of dollars.

At the center of the lawsuit is Fortnite, the hugely popular video game made by Epic that was kicked out of Apple's App Store last summer for flouting its rules on digital payments by establishing its own system.

On day one, Epic and its first witness — the company's CEO, Tim Sweeney — sought to establish that Apple's App Store and its refusal to allow other app stores on its platform constitute anti-competitive behavior.

The company argued that Apple's strict control of its iOS ecosystem — referred to as a "walled garden" — constitutes a monopoly and are calling on the iPhone maker to allow alternative app stores, and potentially apps, on its devices outside of its own and what it approves.

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