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Duluth Middle School, community mourning death of teacher who died after trying to save daughter from drowning

September 15, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

A Duluth Middle School teacher who died after drowning while trying to save her daughter from drowning is being remembers for her commitment to children.

But while the daughter survived, Sarah Jackson was taken to a local hospital, where she later died. “The Duluth Middle School family is grieving the tragic and sudden loss of one of our wonderful teachers, Ms. Sarah Jackson,” the school announced in a Facebook post.

Tommy Rutledge confirmed a “water-related emergency” occurred at the park on Labor Day that involved two people being pulled from the lake by bystanders, he said federal privacy laws prevented him from confirming the identities of two people pulled from the lake or whether they survived. Jackson’s brother said on the Go Fund Me page that bystanders pulled the youngest daughter from the lake and successfully revived her with CPR.

“Sarah was transported to the hospital and her four daughters followed in Sarah’s vehicle. ”The teacher and mother later died at the hospital. The school said anyone who would like to contribute to help Jackson’s family can do so through the school PTA’s Venmo account, which is @DMS-PTA. The Go Fund Me account set up by Jackson’s brother to support her daughters can be found at bit. ly/2E1kh6i.

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