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Dubai gives a glimpse inside its Expo Sustainability Pavilion

February 23, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Dubai's Expo 2020 will be held in October, and the Sustainability Pavilion will be a centerpiece of the event.

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Dubai (CNN)Delayed by a year by Covid-19, Dubai Expo 2020 is now giving people a sneak peek inside the event that will officially open in October.

Despite the pandemic, the World Expo is set to see more than 190 countries showcase innovations around the themes of sustainability, mobility and opportunity.

The Sustainability Pavilion will be a centerpiece of the event.

"We're trying to showcase that humanity can build buildings that do live in harmony with the environment around them, that do manage to grab the resources around them whether that's sun or water," explains John Bull, director of the Sustainability Pavilion.

"Even in this environment, which is somewhat dry, we're still able to get enough water which allows this building to be self-sufficient. "

This pavilion is the first of the Expo structures to be completed.

Until April 10, residents and visitors will be offered a glimpse inside, where a range of interactive experiences are intended to help people understand their impact on the environment.

Once the event is over, the Sustainability Pavilion will form part of a science center in District 2020 -- a new residential and business development that will evolve from the Expo site.

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