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Donated 3D mammography machine to help 1,000 women in Palm Beach County

October 16, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

The machine is available to all women in the county, regardless of their financial status.

Her sister’s death had solidified her resolve in helping women to survive. Fast forward to today, Brinker has founded The Promise Fund.

The goal is to reduce and then eliminate deaths from breast and cervical cancer in years to come. "We have about 80,000 women in count, in our county, who do not have regular screening and do not have a medical home and they need our help.

A new 3D mammography machine donated by Hologic Inc. will be unveiled Oct. 26, helping an estimated 1,000 women in its first year. "This is a 3D picture of breast and breast tissue which is very, very predictive and very accurate and so if we see a lump, a thickening, something that a woman should be notified about, we can decide how we progress into diagnosis and care," Brinker said. Brinker said the ultimate goal is a continuum of care for the women who need it, drumming up a systemic change in the healthcare of women. "We believe if we're able to deliver this kind of testing to women in our county, we can reduce late-stage deaths dramatically," Brinker said.

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