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Dog rescued after wandering through Arctic ice for more than a week

June 9, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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A dog has been rescued by sailors after wandering through the Arctic for more than a week, according to Russian state media.

Yegor Agapov, the captain of the Alexander Sannikov icebreaker, told the network the dog approached the side of the vessel as it traversed the sparse and freezing landscape toward an oil terminal in the Gulf of Ob. Video footage showed the white dog, named Aika, wagging her tail and walking gingerly on the jagged ice before the crew lowered a ladder for her to climb.

They took the dog to the nearby village and located the owners, who said Aika had run away during a walk around the village and would probbaly not had survived without the intervention of the crew.

"The dog didn't go anywhere without us, we have no idea how she got there," said owner Svetlana Chereshneva, a resident of Mys Kamenny.

The Samoyed, a herding dog with a thick, fluffy white coat, is a native breed to northern Russia and Siberia.

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