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Dishwashing robots and Bluetooth masks: Pandemic products hit tech's biggest show

January 12, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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A nearly human-sized robot grabs a dish out of a crowded sink with its gripper arms and neatly adds it to the dishwasher. It then sets the table, placing a flower into a vase, and pours a glass of red wine.

The robot, Samsung's Bot Handy, is the company's vision for "a better new normal," as more people work, cook, eat and drown in dishes at home than ever during the global pandemic.

It's only in development for now -- no pricing or release date has been announced -- but Samsung said it's part of a greater effort to make technology to simplify your life at home.

"The technologies in your home need to work harder to help you adjust to this new normal," the company said in its session description on the CES website.

Companies big and small showed off their new innovations at the closely watched tech trade show, which kicked off on Monday, many with features tied to life during the pandemic.

The pandemic tech theme took a step outside the home, too.

Flashy new TVs, a mainstay of CES events, seemed all the more fitting this year as we're stuck at home, glued to the TV and ever-more conscious of our surroundings.

People watch CES events to get a sense of where technology is going in the years ahead, but this year's event is arguably about the industry catching up to the ways the pandemic reshaped our lives in the past year.

With vaccines on the horizon, it's unclear how much longer we'll be largely stuck at home, but these tech companies seem to be betting that even if the pandemic ends, our habits won't entirely change.

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