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Diddy rips General Motors for name-dropping his network to defend against 'systemic racism' accusations

April 9, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Sean "Diddy" Combs is accusing General Motors of name-dropping his network to score points with Black America.

The 51-year-old Bad Boy Records founder called out GM on Thursday for using its business relationship with the Revolt Media and TV cable network he founded in 2013 as a shield against racism accusations made by the leaders of several other Black-owned media companies.

In a Thursday afternoon response, GM pledged to increase the amount of money it spends advertising with Black-owned media companies.

Diddy's strongly worded statement came in response to recent comments made by GM's leaders in defense of the amount of advertising revenue the company spends with Black-owned media outlets.

A group of African-American media moguls — including Entertainment Studios and Weather Channel owner Byron Allen, "Big3" 3-on-3 basketball league owner O'Shea "Ice Cube" Jackson and Ebony Magazine owner Junior Bridgeman — recently ran a series of similar advertorials in major newspapers criticizing GM (GM) for spending billions of dollars on advertising, but distributing less than 1% of its ad buys on Black-owned media companies.

"General Motors spends billions of dollars in advertising and less than 0. 5% goes to Black-Owned Media.

While defending itself in a Free Press article on April 1, GM listed Revolt as one of the Black-owned media companies with which it does business.

"REVOLT, just like other Black-owned media companies, fights for crumbs while GM makes billions of dollars every year from the Black community," Diddy wrote.

In response, GM spokesperson Patrick Morrissey noted the automaker has doubled the ratio of ad money it spends with Black-owned media companies to a total of 2% of its total spend this year.

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