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Dekalb family, SWAT taunted by hackers through doorbell camera

November 17, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

Doorbell video shows the moment a family is caught off guard as Dekalb County police surround their house.

Doorbell video shows the moment a family is caught off guard as Dekalb County police surround their house. “I didn’t know what was going on, scared to make any sudden moves,” said mother of three daughters Cristina Thompson. Confusion and disbelief set in as police continued to ask for verification of the family’s address. “They stated why they were there and that made it worse because maybe it’s the wrong address and somebody is hurt somewhere else,” said Cristina. #exclusive A family of 5 in Decatur are thankful they still have their lives after they were the victims of #swatting.

#crime #Atlanta @CBS46 pic. twitter. com/898eRUnVYq— Jamie S Kennedy (@Jamie_S_Kennedy) November 18, 2020Cristina said around 10 officers surrounded her house because they had received a person shot call at her address. What they didn’t know is that the person who made the call was watching their every move. Voice over the camera to family: "Aye b****, yep I’m right in the camera look in the camera yes, what your pointing at. "The Ring doorbell camera had been hacked and the family had been ‘swatted. ’“The fact that somebody would be childish enough to do something that could have taken somebody else’s life,” said Cristina. Crying wolf and sending police to a person’s home is known as swatting. In 2017 an unarmed Kansas man was shot and killed by police due to swatting. During the Dekalb incident the creepy hacker racially abuses the family and boasts of his efforts. Voice on camera: “You f****** n*****, change all your passwords stop using the same s*** for everything you n****. ”The officer is then heard saying, "that’s sick. ”Voice on camera: “We are sick, yeah we are disgusting, you know this is the 15th one today b****. ”The family shudders to think how far this person will go. “There’s no telling if somebody else lost their life by this guy, it’s kind of gross honestly,” said Cristina. Dekalb Police haven't been able to inform CBS46's Jamie Kennedy yet about the frequency of swatting in the county.

Atlanta Police say swatting has not been an issue for the department. The FBI reports there currently isn’t a database for this type of crime and it is hard to track down the individuals. The man responsible for the Kansas call and subsequent death was sentenced to 20 years in prison in 2019.

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