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Covid will kill 100,000 more by end of Olympics, says WHO

July 21, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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As the Tokyo Olympics get underway and rich countries drop restrictions, Covid cases -- fueled by the Delta variant -- are surging worldwide.

The Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics, delayed for a year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, finally kicked off Wednesday.

"By the time the Olympic flame is extinguished on the eighth of August, more than 100,000 more people will perish," Tedros, who is in Tokyo for the Games, said on Wednesday.

The WHO chief's comments come as cases continue to surge globally, including in Japan, where Tokyo on Wednesday reported its highest daily increase of new infections since mid-January.

Some 11,000 athletes from 200 countries are set to arrive for the Olympics and the number of cases in Japan linked to the Games now stands at 79, according to organizers.

Covid-19 cases -- fueled by the fast-spreading Delta variant -- have nearly tripled over the last three weeks, with at least 44 states now seeing an increase.

"This is becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated," Walensky said at a Covid-19 briefing Friday.

Less than half of the country's population is fully vaccinated, according to CDC data, and the majority of those who are not vaccinated are not at all likely to get their shots, according to a poll published Tuesday by Axios-Ipsos.

Biden said Friday that Facebook was "killing people" with misinformation, but later walked back those comments, saying that about a dozen people -- who have large followings on Facebook and other social media platforms -- were super-spreaders of anti-vaccine misinformation.

Hoaxes about the vaccines have circulated on social media, making some people unwilling to take the shot for fear it could cause serious disease or death.

Because of this misinformation, many people in Indonesia still aren't taking Covid-19 seriously, even as cases rise around them.

The Tokyo Olympics will be one of the few Games ever to take place during a global pandemic.

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