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Covid-19 vaccines will be available for all Americans by July, but vaccination process will take longer, Fauci says

February 18, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Even though the United States will have enough Covid-19 vaccines for all Americans by at least the end of July, it may take an additional couple of months to get everyone vaccinated, according to Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Covid-19 infections in England have fallen by more than two-thirds in recent weeks, initial findings from a survey on community prevalence show.

The interim findings from the ninth report of REACT-1, a study into Covid-19 infections in England, were released Thursday by Imperial College London.

More than 85,400 volunteers were tested with throat and nose swabs in England between February 4 and 13 to examine the levels of infection in the general population.

The findings show national prevalence fell by two thirds — from 1. 57% to 0. 51%, or 51 per 10,000 infected.

This is a significant decline in infections compared to the last report from January 6 to 22.

The decline in prevalence was larger in some regions, in particular in London where it fell from 2. 83% to 0. 54% since the last report.

“In London, South East and West Midlands, prevalence fell by around 80%, although declines were smaller in the northern regions,” the Imperial report says.

The report concludes that although there is a " strong decline" in prevalence of coronavirus in England among the general population five to six weeks into lockdown, it still remains high — "at levels similar to those observed in late September 2020. "

However, on Tuesday the UK Office for National Statistics reported almost 41% of over-80s in England tested positive for antibodies "most likely due to the high vaccination rate in this group. ”

The league reports 454 players were tested since February 10.

After going over a week with no NBA games postponed due to Covid-19 protocols, the league has now postponed six games in the past few days.

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