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COVID-19 took his ability to walk, now this St. Louis nurse is fighting for insurance coverage

February 18, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Insurance companies told enrollees that COVID-19 was covered, but experts say that promise has its limits

“He asked me out one day and I said, ‘OK,’ but then I called later and turned him down,” Lakeitha remembered with a smile and laugh.

Last year they were working as licensed practical nurses in different facilities, with two young children at home, when COVID-19 arrived in St. Louis.

In September, both Lakeitha and Gerald were diagnosed with COVID-19.

“He woke up that morning confused,” said Lakeitha.

“COVID affected him neurologically,” said Lakeitha.

Lakeitha said his Anthem Blue Cross insurance will only cover 20 days of physical therapy for the entire year.

“They may say, 'You are officially recovered from COVID as soon as you're released from the hospital. ' We've heard employee insurance say that once you can go back to work, that means you're recovered,” Donovan said.

So he's not, they don't see him as a person or not individual,” said Lakeitha.

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