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Court documents say Yale grad student was shot multiple times at close range

June 12, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Documents outlining the arrest of a man accused of murdering a Yale graduate student are expected to be unsealed Friday.

NEW HAVEN, CT (WFSB) -- An arrest warrant for a man accused in the murder of a Yale graduate student was released on Friday. After a months-long manhunt, 30-year-old Qinxuan Pan was captured in Alabama and extradited back to New Haven last month.

He’s accused of killing Yale graduate student Kevin Jiang in New Haven back in February. The arrest warrant said Jiang was found having been shot in the face.

The VIN on the vehicle came back to a GMC Terrain registered out of Massachusetts. The car was then towed, and Pan was driven by the tow truck driver to a nearby Best Western where he had checked into a room. Investigators later found blood-like stains on items inside the GMC, and on the gear shifter DNA revealed it's "at least 100 billion times more likely to occur if it originated from Kevin Jiang," the warrant said. When police checked the room the next day, it appeared as though nobody had stayed in it. The day after the shooting, police were called to the Arby's on Washington Avenue in North Haven, located next to the Best Western, after an employee found a bag containing a gun and ammunition.

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