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Could produce prices in Texas rise due to winter storm?

February 19, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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"It affects us all. Everybody from the consumer, to the supplier, to the grower." Local growers like VegOut! Farms have lost so much of their crop in this week's freeze.

Farms is in Pattison, which is in Waller County, about 12 miles northwest of Katy. The family sells produce to H-E-B stores across the state, but it's been four days since the farm had power. And now that the electricity is back intermittently, there's still little relief. In fact, it just gives the Kochs a glimpse into just how much they lost. "We have no choice now that we've spent so much money on propane to keep these crops going, just to keep us in business right now," Koch explained.

It's part of how they comply with quality control regulations. "I'm going to germinate my seed, and that seed to the first day I get my first tomato, is almost four months, four and a half months," Koch said.

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