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Corporate America bands together to get people vaccinated and safely back to work

February 18, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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CHARLESTON, UNITED STATES - 2021/02/13: A health worker prepares a syringe and an ampule with a dose of COVID-19 vaccine. At risk individuals, 65 years or older, were given priority to receive a coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccine at the Charleston Convention Center and Coliseum. It was estimated that somewhere between 5,000 and 6,000 people would receive a coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccine making this event the largest vaccine event that Kanawha County, West Virginia has ever seen. Both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine were on hand for older individuals or peoples with compromising conditions. (Photo by Stephen Zenner/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

A group of businesses and nonprofit organizations are banding together to speed up and strengthen their companies' response to the pandemic.

Five groups, including the Ad Council, CDC Foundation and the Business Roundtable, announced Thursday they are forming a new partnership called the Health Action Alliance.

Its aim is to assist businesses of all sizes to "improve the health of employees and communities by promoting Covid-19 prevention and vaccine education. "

"The business community has an important role to play in sharing with employees and the broader communities where they operate the importance of vaccination to help defeat the pandemic and lead our country toward a robust economic recovery," said Joshua Bolten, president and CEO of Business Roundtable, in a statement.

The alliance will provide resources to help, including developing vaccination policies and education programs, virtual events with health experts as well as tools to support "communities of color and other groups that may have unique concerns or questions about vaccines," the release said.

For example, Google and Apple have said their employees wouldn't return until this summer or perhaps the fall, while other companies, such as Twitter, will allow their workers work from home permanently.

Private companies are increasingly putting their marketing muscle behind vaccination education.

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