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Coronavirus update: Latest news, cases and deaths around the world - CNN

May 18, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

The coronavirus pandemic has brought the world to a standstill. Here's the latest updates on Covid-19 cases, deaths, government responses, and more.

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By the numbers: South Sudan has reported 282 cases of coronavirus and four deaths, according to the World Health Organization’s tally.

Any decision to lift travel restrictions depends on how the coronavirus outbreak is developing and concerns around importing new cases, she said.

The number of daily deaths due to coronavirus in Spain fell to 59 on Sunday, the lowest daily figure since March 16, according to data reported by the Spanish Health Ministry on Monday.

The deputy chief medical adviser for England on Monday defended the government’s decision not to add loss of the sense of smell to the list of possible symptoms of coronavirus until today.

“Anosmia has been recognized for some time now as a possible symptom of Covid-19,” Jonathan Van-Tam said, using the medical term for loss of the sense of smell.

Challenged by a reporter to say how many cases of coronavirus were missed as a result of not listing the condition as a symptom earlier, Van-Tam said, “I don’t have those figures to my fingertips,” but added that Public Health England data on the first several hundred confirmed cases in the country showed 0. 44% reported loss of sense of smell on its own as a symptom.

A total of 99 people died in Italy due to coronavirus in the past day – the lowest daily increase recorded since the beginning of the nationwide lockdown on March 9, the national Civil Protection Agency said Monday.

At least 32,007 coronavirus patients have died in the country so far, the agency said, adding that there are currently 66,553 active cases of coronavirus across Italy – down by 1,798 since Sunday.

Meanwhile, loss of sense of smell or taste has been added to the official list of coronavirus symptoms in the UK, the government agency said Monday.

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