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Community supports veteran who died with no living family

May 4, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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The turnout was greater than anyone could have imagined.

The crowd just kept coming and filled St. John of the Cross Catholic Church on Monday in honor of John Krebel, a U. S. veteran who died with no living family.

I hope that he was able to see this," pastoral associate Renee Barber said.

We expected some people with the outpouring that went out to get folks to come & honor him, but we were blown away by the amount of people, that was amazing," Michelle Gorman with Governor's Village said.

I had somebody come up to me who said she was from Florida & came up for the service.

"He would be so happy to see so many people here who loved for and cared for him, even though they didn't really know him," Patrice Williams with Governor's Village said.

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