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College students head home as coronavirus cases spike

November 20, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

Public health experts like Dr. Deborah Birx have been warning students for weeks not to risk taking Covid-19 home for Thanksgiving and now it's crunch time. With no national guidance for colleges, some fear students are hitting the road as ticking time bombs.

At Plymouth State University in New Hampshire, she said: "We will have to adapt this Thanksgiving, just like the students have adapted to how they interact with each other.

Some like the University of Michigan and the State University system of New York are requiring negative Covid-19 tests for their on-campus students before they may leave.

The University of Wisconsin is mandating coronavirus tests both before and after the Thanksgiving break, whereas both Penn State and Indiana University have no requirement for students to test before leaving campus.

"The CDC has not only been useless in this regard, they've actually issued colleges a free pass throughout the semester to do the wrong thing -- simply to test students for symptoms, to sit around, basically like a fire department waiting for reports that a house is burned to the ground before springing into action. "

It also said that returning college students should not be considered household members for the purpose of gatherings.

Paltiel says quarantining students, limiting exposure and testing for coronavirus before leaving campus should all be done.

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