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College friends, military vets plan to open brewery and taproom in southwest Lincoln

February 20, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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They plan to open in June with a taproom that seats 65 and a rotating selection of a half-dozen beers.

Corn Coast Brewing co-owners Dan Walkemeyer (left) and Will Walter stand inside the future site of their first taproom and brewing location in southwest Lincoln near 14th Street and Yankee Hill Road.

And a few years later, when the friends decided to turn a hobby into a business, they knew what they were going to call it. Corn Coast Brewing still has a few pieces of red tape to hurdle — liquor licenses from the city and state and a special-use permit — but it’s tentatively scheduled to open in June in a new building near 14th Street and Yankee Hill Road. The men plan to start simply.

We’re going to go back and open a brewery in Lincoln. ”Walter had the brewing experience.

And that wasn’t an unreasonable thought: In the past decade, more than a half-dozen craft breweries have opened — and stayed open — in Lincoln. After he had Walkemeyer and their third partner, Ben Wearing, still an active-duty Marine, on board, they started looking for a site.

Nothing had been finished inside, and the owner is willing to help tailor the interior build-out to make it suitable for the brewery. They’ll start with six fermentation vessels, allowing them to brew a half-dozen different beers at a time.

If you have a beer that is light and refreshing and balanced, you can drink it all day. ”They’re also planning to brew with a five-barrel system — smaller than some other Lincoln breweries.

It will limit the volume of each batch, but it will keep their beer fresher and give them flexibility to change up their selections. They know they’re new at this; Walkemeyer didn’t make his own beer until 2016, when Walter gave him a home-brewing kit for Christmas.

Backswing Brewing Co.

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