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Coffin used in recent protest drawing criticism

June 10, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Every Friday night for the past year, a group of people protest downtown. However, something else happened last Friday night that is pulling attention from the protests’ purpose and images

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Every Friday night for the past year, a group of people protest downtown.

Protestors claim the media is using the coffin as a distraction away from the real issue of police misconduct. Leaders of the community group Friday Night Protest declined an on-camera interview, but said in a statement:We held a memorial march downtown, with people’s righteous anger, grief, and celebratory joy in full, non-violent display. Instead of focusing on the 150 victims and the families that were present to tell their stories, attention is now being directed at an art piece included next to all the pictures and names of the victims. That art piece was a hand-constructed coffin entitled, “Death to White Supremacy'' created by a local Black artist who has had their own experience with police violence. Click here to read the full statement on Facebook. But, the president of the police union believes the action was sickening. “For most right-thinking people, they will look at it as a threat,” said Brad Lemon.

On Sunday, an officer died from COVID-19. In the statement from Friday Night Protest, they say, “The art piece depicting the death of white supremacy is just that— valid art and expression of real Black anger. ”We asked Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas about the controversy. “Nobody wants to see anybody dead and when you have a coffin display and a police officer depicted within in it .

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