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CNN's Sara Sidner: Why I lost it on live TV

January 13, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Rage moved CNN correspondent Sara Sidner to tears during a live report -- rage at the impact of coronavirus on the neediest while others ignore the danger, and rage too at extremists in the US Capitol.

She left her job in real estate to take care of her mother, who was dealing with a lung condition.

But in a deprived area of Los Angeles, the whole family became infected, including Sesma's brother and his family who lived next door.

The younger ones survived but Sesma lost her stepfather and then her mother in the space of 11 days.

I've witnessed people writhing in pain, gasping for breath and near death from Covid-19 in ICUs across the country.

Listening to Sesma's voice as the story played on air well before the LA dawn, I realized that she would wake up without her mom and stepdad because of coronavirus.

The community has 10 times fewer doctors per resident than the rest of California, I was told by the head of the Martin Luther King Jr. Community Hospital -- the one facility that stands out in a health care desert.

-- less than the rest of the City of Los Angeles, the hospital chief told us.

I am self-isolating to keep any infection out of the lungs of my husband the best way I know how -- staying in another room, wearing a mask at home, and taking a coronavirus test a few days after going to hospitals.

As I got the footage back to work, thinking again about how to tell this hospital's story, to make people believe, I turned on CNN to see our whole world change.

Just as sure as coronavirus is poised to deal another destructive blow because of the Christmas and New Year's revelry, militia members, white nationalists, Trump insurrectionists, conspiracy theorists and their supporters may deal yet another blow to American democracy as we know it.

And I feel like my country is on life support.

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