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CenterPoint says those $200K bills were sent by mistake

February 18, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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One woman who says her average bill is $52 was shocked to see an email stating she owed over $200,000. But CenterPoint says this is not true.

CenterPoint is warning its customers of an incorrect email going around claiming they owe thousands of dollars on their bill. A viewer who shared a photo of her email said her average bill is $52, but this time her email shows she owes $202,102. 16.

CenterPoint initially responded that they were looking into the situation. They added: "Customers do not owe this amount.

We'll update our customers and media once we have a resolution. "Just two hours later, a company spokesperson told ABC13 the emails were sent in error "due to a recent technical issue caused by the Houston-area power outage. "They promised to update customers later this afternoon. SEE ALSO: Fake energy workers looking to get inside homes without power, HPD chief saysEarlier in the week, Houston police warned residents about people pretending to be CenterPoint Energy workers in order to get into customers' homes. "We have reports of scofflaws impersonating [CenterPoint Energy] employees to gain access to homes to victimize occupants," wrote Chief Art Acevedo.

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