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Caught on Camera: Porch pirate poses as DoorDash driver in west St. Louis County

June 10, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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After years of porch pirate incidents in the St. Louis area, one family believes there’s a new twist to the crime many have fallen victim to.

I didn't quite know what happened until I reviewed the footage on my camera,” Hayes said. Surveillance footage shows a man with a DoorDash bag leaving a to-go order from St. Louis Bread Company on the porch and simultaneously stealing his Amazon package.

The company says they are still investigating if the driver even works for them. Investigators with St. Louis County Police Department said they haven’t received reports of similar incidents in the area and that porch thefts mainly occur around the holidays. Hayes said the Amazon package was a shirt for his daughter and not an item of great value.

From now on, he’ll be heightening security even further around his home. “I have some secrets I won’t let you know but possibly adjust some cameras and raise the awareness,” Hayes said. St. Louis County's police, DoorDash and St. Louis Bread Company are all continuing to investigate the incident.

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