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Catastrophe saved: Brothers rescue 8-year-old's cat from north St. Louis tree

April 24, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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This isn't your average cat-in-the-tree story. Little Dallas' cat, Italy, is now safe after some helpful brothers.

LOUIS (KMOV. com) -- A family cat in north St. Louis nearly burned one of her nine lives after spending more than 24 hours in a tree. One young boy couldn't stand to lose her so the professionals came out to get her down.

"I heard her meowing then my granddaughter said, ‘Grandma, she's in the tree,’" said Waquita Jones Her grandson's cat named Italy climbed a tree outside their north St Louis home and she wasn’t budging.

The brothers were contacted after a family member tipped Jones off to their business. Dallas was at school while the rescue was underway, so his big brother recorded the entire rescue today for him to watch when he got home. The brothers helped out free of charge to save Italy.

“We were off work so we said let's get the cat, let's do something positive today for someone,” said EJ.

I can see the smile on grandson's face when he comes home from school today,” said Jones.

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