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Carlisle Man Develops Face Mask Bracelet So You Never Forget It

October 15, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

A Carlisle man has developed a face mask that wraps right around your wrist when you're not wearing it, so you never forget it.

CARLISLE (CBS) –  Andrew Trebino and his sister Steph are now busier during the pandemic than they could ever imagined.

They have a bustling, brand new face mask company operating out of their mother’s Carlisle dining room.

“The whole thing came together super, super quick,” Andrew told WBZ-TV.

It started when the pandemic hit and Andrew lost his software sales job.

But the crisis gave him an idea.

I walked to Joanne Fabrics, Michaels and did super glue, I tried magnets, I tried a bunch of different things and this came to be the most efficient and simplest thing,” he said.

“It’s always good to have a mask handy and if you can wear it on your wrist and make it a bracelet it’s going to come in handy much, much more,” Andrew said.

The idea is you never forget it when you leave the house.

A small family run start up, just trying to get off the ground and out of the dining room.

“Hopefully we can continue gaining traction and helping people out,” Andrew told us.

They also know how the pandemic has impacted people’s mental health, so they are giving a portion of the proceeds to support mental help issues.

Handy Band face masks in Carlisle.


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