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Capitol rioter who captured Babbitt's death on video is the 20th person to plead guilty in insurrection

July 22, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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A Capitol rioter who captured Ashli Babbitt's death on video became the 20th person to plead guilty for his involvement in the deadly January 6 insurrection.

Andrew Bennett of Maryland pleaded guilty Thursday in DC District Court to illegally demonstrating inside the US Capitol.

However, there is no indication that Bennett marched with the Proud Boys to the Capitol, or was with them when they overpowered the police line, or that he entered the building with any members of the far-right group.

Investigators received a tip the day of the riot claiming that Bennett had been livestreaming video on Facebook from inside the Capitol.

In the videos, according to court filings, Bennett yells "No destruction!" at other rioters kicking a door inside the building.

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