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Capitol riot hearing: Live updates

February 23, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Law enforcement officials will testify in the Senate today about security failures during the deadly Capitol riot on Jan. 6. Follow here for the latest updates.

Despite weeks of planning between federal and local police agencies ahead of the Jan. 6 Trump rally — including tracking social media — officials said that going into that day they had no intelligence indicating there was a threat the US Capitol could be overrun.

Five people died during the riots, including a woman shot by US Capitol Police and a police officer.

During conference calls that included federal agencies and the city's police ahead of the rally, federal law enforcement officials say the US Capitol Police assured counterparts they had the situation under control — they knew how to deal with large demonstrations at the Capitol, in large part because the complex was already being prepared for Inauguration Day, one of the most secure events in the city, according to sources familiar with the matter.

Former United States Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund is set to testify this morning in the Senate on the security failures that took place before and during the Capitol riot.

The US Capitol Police force is part of Congress and has the sole responsibility for the building's security.

As CNN previously reported, a committee aide described Tuesday’s hearing as a first opportunity to get answers to key questions surrounding the events of Jan. 6, including why the response from law enforcement was delayed and why the rioters were allowed to breach the building.

Federal prosecutors have charged at least 250 people in connection with the Capitol riot, according to a CNN analysis of court records and Department of Justice announcements.

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