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Can indoor concerts ever be safe again?

June 10, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Revellers at the Circus Nightclub at Bramley-Moore Dock, Liverpool, for a Covid safety pilot event attended by around 3000 people at the indoor venue. Researchers at the event will gather evidence for the Events Research Programme (ERP) on how small and large-scale events could be permitted to safely reopen. Picture date: Friday April 30, 2021. PA Photo. Attendees must live within a Liverpool postcode and will take a Covid-19 lateral flow test which must be negative before they can gain entry to the club, as well as a second test some time after the event. See PA story HEALTH Coronavirus . Photo credit should read: Richard McCarthy/PA Wire

There's a growing body of scientific literature that shows that with the right Covid-19 mitigation measures, large, indoor concerts could be held safely. But some scientists -- including those leading the studies --- have reservations on how broadly these findings may be applied.

To attend a large, live music event inside, Murphy said she would need to know the venue capacity and social distancing plans before attending, and would wear a mask despite being fully vaccinated.

Large indoor events after Covid-19

A study of 1,000 people at an indoor live music event in Barcelona last December found that the concert led to no cases of Covid-19 transmission, according to a recent publication in the Lancet Infectious Diseases journal.

Llibre says more research on large live indoor events is needed because findings, he believes, would be different depending on how prevalent the virus is in a community.

"The Roadmap describes plans to explore when and how events with large crowd sizes, less social distancing, or in settings where transmission risk is high without mitigation, may be able to return safely," according to the UK government's ERP website.

Professor Iain Buchan, executive dean of the Institute of Population Health at the University of Liverpool and leader of the Liverpool nightclub event, told CNN that large indoor events should continue to require Covid-19 tests if the vaccination status of the crowd is unknown.

"Large events, especially if indoors and without social distancing or face coverings, should be treated as potential outbreaks and have all reasonable testing and other risk-mitigation measures in place . . .

Bromage believes creating a quality indoor air environment by improving ventilation and lowering transmission risk should be the top priority for every indoor venue hoping to host any large, live events.

Bromage and UK and Barcelona event study leaders all agree that the safety of large, indoor concerts needs to be evaluated in the context of local community spread of Covid-19.

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