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Buying your first guitar? We asked the experts where to start - CNN Underscored

April 6, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Electric guitar player on a stage with colorful blue and purple scenic illumination

Here are the best guitars for starting your musical journey, as well as tips from the experts on choosing your first axe.

After talking to experts from all over the music world and combing through reputable reviews, we’ve picked out some great electric, acoustic and bass guitars for beginners, as well as some resources for learning how to play once you’ve settled on an axe.

Acoustic guitars typically have hollow, wooden bodies that allow them to make sound on their own, while electric guitars need to be plugged into an amplifier before anyone can hear that sweet riff you’ve been practicing all day.

“So one thing that’s a misnomer, I think most people think you start acoustic, but actually an electric guitar usually has the strings lower to the fretboard, thinner strings [and] you don’t have to press as hard,” says Norvell.

“I learned a handful of chord shapes and then felt like it was just so uncomfortable to try to do more complex chord voicings and stuff on the acoustic guitar.

According to the experts we spoke to, starting with something simple and affordable is highly recommended — especially if you’re not sure about how serious you plan on taking your guitar playing.

“You don’t buy a race car if you’re learning how to drive in the beginning,” says George Phillips, owner of New York City guitar shop Astoria Music.

“Get a guitar that feels good, because for so long, I think what turned me off of guitar before I really plunged into playing electric guitar… was that it was difficult to play,” says Baker, equating a good guitar to a comfortable pair of shoes.

It’s the same with me with guitar playing.

That’s what playing guitar is about. ”

We also recommend doing your own searching and trying out a few axes for yourself if you’re in a position to do so — after all, buying a guitar is ultimately about what looks and feels right to you.

“I think that people are used to more instant gratification and that guitar is definitely something you have to soldier through your first real beginner phase to be able to get to the joy… out of the instrument,” says Norvell.

Fortunately, there are plenty of resources out there for learning how to play once you’ve gotten your hands on a guitar.

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