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Browns’ winning season only highlights losses for bars as they miss out on money-making night games

January 12, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Bars and restaurants miss out on money-making night games

It’s heartbreaking not to se so many regulars in here. ”She said a playoff win like the Browns saw Sunday would’ve been great for business. “It would’ve been thousands,” said Lee. But people don’t want to have to leave after the first half, so, many, don’t come. “All of our sales are based on alcohol sales.

I think we're going to see these wins for a lot of years to come,” he said. Gilbert said this can set the city of Cleveland up for a quicker comeback when the pandemic is over. “I think the more that we are seen on national television, the more that our community is seen as a winner, the better chance we have to win in those areas where we're competing against other cities for the rights to host major events,” he said. Events like the 2019 MLB All Star Game and the upcoming 2021 NFL draft. But for Lee, the saying ‘There’s always next year,” rings truer than ever before. “We are going to hang in there,” she said.

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