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Brooklyn Man Fights to Keep 'Roxy,' a Bed Bug-Sniffing Dog

January 12, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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A legal battle has ensued over the dog.

NEW YORK - Barry Myrick loves Roxy, the pit bull terrier he's lived with for five years, and cared for.

Myrick began taking care of her when both worked for a Queens pest-control company, M and M Environmental.

For nearly five years, Barry Myrick lived and worked with Roxy, a bed bug-sniffing dog

The company, M and M Environmental, wants Roxy back, saying she is valuable company property

A lawyer for the company says the company always believed Myrick and Roxy would come back to work

A judge has ruled that Myrick can keep Roxy, temporarily, while the civil case plays out

In May, Myrick, his wife, their dog Robbie, and Roxy moved from Brooklyn to Philadelphia.

M and M says the company did not initially ask for the dog back because Myrick led them to believe he would eventually return to work with Roxy.

But his lawyer, Bill Kurtz, says the company lost its right to Roxy by not immediately asking for the dog back and not compensating Myrick to care for the animal.

When Myrick refused M and M's demand for Roxy, the company reported Roxy stolen.

Last month, a Queens judge rejected M and M's demand for the dog's return while the case plays out.

The judge ruled, in part, that it was in Roxy's best interest to live with Myrick for now - the same standard used in custody fights over pets in divorce cases.

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