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Boston Barber Recovering From Open-Heart Surgery After Freak Accident

February 17, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Speaking from his hospital bed, Boston barber Steve Silva says he grateful to be alive after a freak accident.

“Half inch to the left lucky, maybe even less,” he said.

“When I slipped I put my hands out, my scissors were over my right ring finger extended in, and I put my hands out to catch my fall,” said Silva. READ MORE: 'It Just Died On Me': Massachusetts COVID-19 Vaccination Website CrashesThat’s when the scissors punctured his chest as he went down, surveillance video shows him kneeling on the floor as a co-worker and client rushed to help likely saving his life.

“One got paper towels, one got regular towels and they were switching them back and forth,” Silva said.

Silva, who punctured an artery in his heart, says he didn’t know how serious it was until he saw the faces of those around him.

“I felt my chest tightening a bit,” he said, “it did more damage than I thought. ”

“A little to the right it would have hit the sternum which would have been fine with a little bruising or something,” he said.

“A little to the left it would have punctured my heart. ”

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