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Black professor: My hope for my students in fight for racial justice

June 30, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

Herbert Lowe writes about his own run-ins with police and his experience with being one of the few Black faculty members at a predominately White institution. Lowe says that more than ever, our college students of color need to have more mentors and role models on campus who are from families and communities like theirs.

With black men up to 3. 5 times more likely than whites to be killed by police, seeing a marked car on the road makes my heart race.

As one of too few African American males on the faculty at the University of Florida, or any PWI (predominately White institution) in the US, and as people across racial lines are in the wake of George Floyd's death beginning to consider systemic racism -- I try hard to not presume how any student -- Black or White -- is dealing with our national reckoning about race.

She said she had reached out to the lone Black student in our reporting class.

(Indeed, one Black student told me: "I don't have time to help them understand what I'm going through.

The White student said she understood.

Why risk having a university police officer treat me in a way that most likely never happens to a White colleague?

PWIs should recognize the disservice that it does to both Black and White students and faculty by not putting meaningful actions behind their words of inclusion.

Too many of my students -- Black or White -- have never before had an African American man give them a grade.

I recall my wife once saying I am likely the first Black man these young adults will get to know who is caring, charismatic, compassionate and considerate.

No doubt students of color across my campus are feeling like those at all PWIs. They already had it hard enough before the latest spate of Black men and women dying at the hands and knees of police.

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