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Biden, Harris and first lady speak with Philonise Floyd after the verdict

April 20, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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The President and vice president watched the Derek Chauvin verdict with staff in the private dining room.

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison praised the community members who recorded the video of former Minneapolis Police officer Derek Chauvin placing his knee on George Floyd's neck.

President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris will deliver remarks “later this evening” on the Derek Chauvin verdict, the White House said Tuesday.

California Rep. Maxine Waters: "Someone said it better than me: I’m not celebrating I’m relieved. ” CNN caught up with members of the Congressional Black Caucus gathered around a laptop watching the verdict, and as the verdicts were read, the group cheered.

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren: “George Floyd should be alive today. ” When asked by CNN if this moment increases the chance police reform can get done in the Senate Warren replied, “we must root out racism in our criminal justice system, that is our first obligation. ”

Minnesota Sen. Tina Smith: “Well the conviction of Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd is a moment of real accountability.

South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott: The lone African-American Senate Republican says he is relieved at the outcome to the Chauvin verdict, saying “This is a monumental day in many ways, in my opinion. ” He added, “I think our justice system is getting more just,” he said.

In response to Derek Chauvin being found guilty of murder in the death of George Floyd, Amnesty International USA released a statement, saying "Chauvin being held accountable for killing George Floyd is the exception — not the rule. ” 

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison called today's guilty verdict in the Derek Chauvin case a first step toward justice.

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz said the Derek Chauvin "verdict is an important step forward for justice," but there is still work left to do.

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