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Best moments from CNN and Sesame Street's 'Back to School' coronavirus town hall

September 12, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

CNN partnered with Sesame Street to host a town hall for families about navigating the back-to-school season during a deadly pandemic.

"The ABCs of Back to School, A CNN/Sesame Street Town Hall for Families" aired on Saturday morning and tackled such issues as staying safe in classrooms and making the most of virtual learning.

Dr. Edith Bracho-Sanchez said the germs haven't gone away yet, but we now know what we can do to protect ourselves and each other -- which makes returning to school safer than before.

"We've learned that if we wash our hands, if we wear our masks, if we keep our distance, we really, really can prevent ourselves and our friends from catching the germs," Bracho-Sanchez said.

She also said that if kids don't feel safe going back, it's a really good idea for them to share their feelings with parents so they can get through it together.

It makes me feel like I'm at school even while I'm at home," Rosita said about her desk.

Gupta, who complimented Rosita's desk, spoke about the importance of making sure that kids learning online understand that school is separate from home life.

Miles, 9, from New York said he's nervous to go back to school but feels excited to see his friends.

The experts added that if a teacher or fellow student gets coronavirus, kids should get tested and stay home from school until they're cleared by doctors to return.

Many parents asked about what they can do to help reduce their children's anxiety about returning to school, while others wondered how schools will help develop the social and emotional skills their young ones aren't receiving from virtual learning.

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